Gut health?

The gut is the gastrointestinal (GI) system in the human body. Gut health is measured by the levels and types of bacteria found in your GI system. Gut Health is impacted by: Food, Sleep & Stress

Why do they call it your Second Brain?

After the Central Nervous System (TheBrain) the Enteric Nervous System (ENS) (The Gut) is the largest and most complex nervous system found in the human body. The nerves in your gut communicate with the brain impacting your mood, anxiety levels, memory and overall mental health.

Eat Activ

At Eat Activ, we focus on making your gut happy again. We do this by incorporating gut-friendly ingredients like pre- and probiotics, as well as live active cultures into our meals.

– By fermenting our ingredients, Eat Activ provides your gut with probiotics that create a
barrier against harmful bacteria.
– We soak nuts & seeds to break down the compounds that interfere with digestion;
allowing essential minerals like zinc & iron to be absorb.
– We include prebiotics that facilitate the growth of probiotics in your gut.
– Our dressings contains apple cider vinegar