No boundaries kitchen activated food.

Eat Activ is a new concept in tasty and active-health fast food.
At Eat Activ, we believe that fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy, and healthy food doesn’t have to be uninspiring. Our delicious, nutritious, and instant meals are an easy way to eat well. They’re made for busy people just like you.

All our food is made-to-order, with seasonal activated, fermented ingredients, and superfoods that nourish you from the inside out. Each recipe seamlessly blends active ingredients into every meal for restaurant-quality food.

Our Ingredients

Like you, we demand more from life – and food – and know that at the heart of every success is our own well-being.

Activated Nuts

(almonds, macadamia, pistachio, cashew) Activated nuts are soaked in water and salt. This breaks down compounds that interfere with digestion, allowing essential minerals like iron and zinc to be absorbed.

Activated sprouts

Activated sprouts are germinated, sprouted seeds. Activation allows enzymes, lactobacilli and other helpful organisms to break down in the gut, aiding digestion.

Activated beans

Activated beans are soaked in water and baking soda overnight. The main activated nutrients are protein, calcium, folate, potassium and iron.

Activated chia seeds

Activated seeds are soaked in a brine solution, this reduces enzyme inhibitors and makes them easy for the gut to digest. The seeds have added nutrients, including zinc, iron and vitamin E and vitamin C.

Live apple cider vinegar

Live apple cider vinegar has added bacteria and yeast to begin a fermentation process. It lowers blood sugar, improves symptoms of diabetes and lowers cholesterol.


Kimchi is salted, fermented vegetables, most commonly the Napa cabbage and daikon radishes, soaked in spices and aromatics. It is a probiotic food rich in lactobacilli bacteria and vitamins A and C.


Sauerkraut is finely chopped cabbage fermented in salted water. It is high in vitamin C and is a natural source of probiotics.


Tempeh is made from fermented soybeans. It has very high protein content, low cholesterol, and is easy for the gut to digest and absorb.


Sourdough is a bread made from the naturally occurring yeast and bacteria in flour. It has no yeast, milk, oils or sweeteners and is low in saturated fat and cholesterol.

Be healthy, eat well, eat Activ

Our dishes help you feel your best – think fermented, spouted food. There’s a lot of goodness in each mouthful Our meals help improve your digestion, immune system and even aids your sleep, mood and skin.

Joel Edwards
Joel Edwards
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Fresh, healthy, and friendly service every time. They have a great range of options, all of which that I’ve tried have been bursting of flavour, very good portion sizes, and satisfying. The staff are always friendly and welcoming, I really enjoy eating here and it’s my go to place for a hot lunch. My favourite is the lamp with pomegranate seeds 😍 oh and the breakfast egg and bacon bum is scrumptious.
nadine muhtadi
nadine muhtadi
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Such a delicious spot with wonderful people who work there. I’m new to the area and wandered in one day after seeing the open grill concept, and as a result, all the food has incredible flavouring and char! Lots of spice options too (for those of you who like a little heat like I do.) I like to stay pescatarian and there are plenty of options as well as an incredibly filling portion. Keep it up 👏🏼
Jared Hart
Jared Hart@username
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This place is superb. Lovely people great food. I live in soho and think this is a hidden gem. I heard the manager on the food talking to Deliveroo. They didn’t have people to collect the food and his main worry was the customer. He begged them to call and apologise to the customer. I mean foods great but that’s just super nice. Love this place xxx

No boundaries kitchen activated food.


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