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Soho Noel Street

26 Noel St, Soho, London W1F 8GY

E: eat@eatactiv.com

P: +44 (020) 3719 1381


Activ Boxes

Cultured lemon & thyme chicken fillet


Living harissa, roasted potato, sumac garden salad, Aleppo pepper, aioli

Grilled butternut squash (VG)


Quinoa & buckwheat salad, baba ghanoush, omega seeds

Slow roast lamb shoulder


White bean & chickpea stew, fennelkraut, artichoke labneh, spiced pistachios

BBQ Korean salmon


Soba activ salad, kimchi, daikon, edamame, sprouts, chilli, sesame, ginger & lime dressing

Flat iron steak


Activ chimichurri, spinach & sweet potato salad

Herb brushed tuna


Lentils, slow roasted tomato & broccoli salad, kale-andaise

Grilled sprouting broccoli & beet (VG)


Braised puy lentils, activated hazelnut dressing

Activ Salads

Activ Superfood (VG)


Quinoa & buckwheat tabouleh, kale, pomegranate, avocado, radish, live cider vinaigrette

Shoots & leaves (VG)


Sprouted beans, avocado, kale-andaise, broccoli, cucumber, spinach, red cabbage, biotic lemon & turmeric dressing

Aubergine & sweet potato (V)


Barrel aged feta, pomegranate, garden leaves, activated dukkah

Tempeh vita (VG)


kimchi, cucumber, mint, sprouted beans, chickpeas, kale-andaise avocado dip, hemp seed

Raw garden salad (VG)


chicory, gem, daikon, beets, cucumber, purple carrots, fennelkraut, radish, avocado hummus, maple dressing, seeds

Protein addons

Tuna steak


Chicken fillet


Flat iron steak








Barrel aged feta


Activ Snacks

Activated Organic Almonds Raw Chocolate (70gms) VG, GF


Activated Organic Walnuts Wasabi Miso (70 gms) VG, GF


Activated Organic Mixed Nuts (100 gms) VG, GF


Activ Desserts

Raw Organic Chocolate Fudge with Activated Brazil Nuts (75 gms) V, GF


Raw Organic Chocolate Crackle with Activated Buckwheat (45 gms) V, GF


Chia & Coconut Pudding (VG)


Fresh berries & activated almonds

Activ Wraps



Slow-roast lamb shoulder, tahini, mint, super vegetables slow, tomato

Thyme & lemon chicken


Avocado, iron leaves, kimchi aioli, pickles, tomato

Grilled halloumi (V)


Romesco sauce, grilled mediterranean vegetables, Zaatar, spinach & rocket

Quinoa & beetroot falafel (VG)


Sauerkraut, radish, tomato, mint, parsley, tahini

Activ Sides

Hummus (VG)


Activated tahini, olive oil, sourdough

Baked sweet potato (VG)


Omega seeds, parsley

Baba ghanoush (VG)


Sprouted beans, pomegranate, sourdough

Quinoa & buckwheat salad (VG)


Cucumber, tomato, parsley

Harissa roasted potatoes (VG)


Vegan aioli, coriander

Kimchi (VG)


Fermented Korean cabbage, daikon, spring onions & apple

Pink Kraut (VG)


Fermented pink cabbage

Purple Carrots (VG)


Fermented purple carrots

Cold press juices

Green Squeeze


Spinach, kale-andaise, Cucumber, Celery, Apple & Watercress

Stay Golden


Carrot, Turmeric, Pineapple & Ginger

Power Beets


Beetroot, Apple, Ginger & Pomegranate

Activ Drinks

JARR Kombucha


Original / Ginger / Raspberry

Genie Kombucha


Fiery ginger / Crispy citrus / Dry apple

Genie Live Soda with Active Cultures


Original orange / Lemon & ginger

Purearth Sparkling Spirulina Kefir


Purearth Sparkling Ginger & Lemon Kefir


Organic Greek Goats milk Kefir


Bumblezest immune booster shots


Ginger Turmeric Collagen / Ginger Turmeric CBD

Lemonaid Lime


CanO Water


Still / Sparkling

Food allergies guide

Milk Gluten Eggs Nuts Soybeans Sulphur Crustaceans Lupins Mustard Fish Celery Molluscs Milk Peanuts Sesame Garlic Onion